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New Key/Remote

  • I want to purchase & schedule service for a new key or remote
  • I've lost all my vehicle keys or remotes
  • I need fast service & need a remote or key

Lockout Service

  • My keys are locked inside my vehicle
  • Keys are locked inside trunk and doors are locked
  • My vehicle is running - and keys are locked inside

Vehicle No-Start

  • My vehicle will not start, and I think it's a key-related or an immobilizer issue
  • I've replaced an electronic module (ECU/BCM) and need keys re-synced

Key/Remote Damaged

  • I have a key that needs repaired (e.g. missing buttons)

We operate as a mobile auto locksmith, and can provide car key replacement wherever you are, but we need to make sure you are in our service area.

Do you service my location?