Before Buying Aftermarket Keys & Remotes – Know The RISKS!

Does the price for that aftermarket key or remote look to good to be true? Well let us explain the true risks of that cheap key you’ve found from another online source.

You may have called your local dealership looking for assistance, only to discover an extremely high price tag for that new key or remote.  Your next step will likely entail calling around or checking the internet to simply purchase a key which looks similar to yours. However some aftermarket keys & remotes are hard to spot.

“Don’t be fooled these keys can lead to more serious problems down the road – in some cases, before you even hit the road.”

Some problems include, but not limited to:

  • Poor Quality – We’ve seen our fair share of aftermarket keys & remotes. These “knock-offs” products can use thin, brittle, or soft plastic. This makes the key significantly more delicate. In our day-to-day world we know & expect people to throw their keys down on counter tops, or get dropped on an ‘accidental’ toss to a friend or maybe they’ve got too many things in their hands. Other than the physical reliance of the aftermarket electronic car keys or remotes, there is also the issue of the electronics. Poor circuit connections or cheap electrical components can significantly decrease the lifespan of aftermarket electronic car keys. Proximity requirements for effective use can become inconsistent. Buttons on the remote may stop working, decreasing the functionality of your device. We can tell you that the quality of the circuit board vs an OEM circuit is much different.
  • Key fails to start your vehicle – leaving you stranded on your weekend get-a-way. Most aftermarket keys circuits boards just are simply inferior when it comes to quality control. Most OEM key suppliers have much more strict quality control guidelines when it comes to the producing & manufacturing of OEM keys. Many aftermarket keys are just poor quality “knock-offs” that just are not as durable or reliable.
  • Functionality – Sometimes you’ll get lucky with a half functioning key or remote.
    • Lack of range – remote only works at a significant less distance compared to your original (OEM) remote. Have you ever lost your vehicle in a parking lot and simply relied on the panic button to activate your vehicles horn to locate? What if your remote only worked at a distance of 10 feet? That signal could also decrease depending on the life of the battery.
    • Some buttons don’t work – i.e. only your lock or unlock buttons work and your trunk button does not on your remote.
  • Programming Issues –  Usually (In some cases) these aftermarket keys program right in; however sometimes programming can be much more of a challenge to program in. We then have to verify that the remote is indeed functioning (testing frequency/reading transponder value/etc.)

Please understand that our company can program & cut your provided aftermarket keys but will not be held liable for a key that either fails within a few days of successfully programming, or unable to program into vehicle. Our company programs many of keys & remotes on a daily basis and we have the experience and knowledge of almost all Makes & Models of vehicles on the road today. Be aware that if you provide your key or remote and we are unsuccessful with programming – you will still be liable for all applicable service fees. We will not be held liable for supplied products not functioning correctly. 


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